Tooling up

For adding material from a wheelbarrow, removing finished compost, and turning a heap (if you insist), a garden fork, ideally stainless steel, is the perfect tool. For the serious composter, planning to deal with large quantities of waste and finished compost, a wheelbarrow is another must.

A bucket is almost too universally useful to be described merely as a compost tool. Use it for transferring kitchen waste and weeds to the heap and for distributing small quantities of finished compost around the garden. The plastic tub trugs now available are just as handy. Secateurs are essential for chopping up tough plant stems or small amounts of woody stuff.

Other useful, but far from essential, tools include a shredder and tools for chopping and smashing tough waste - an axe, club hammer, or long-handled loppers. A soil sieve comes in handy if

Few tools are absolutely essential to compost-making, but

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