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(not earthworms that live in soil, but smaller, related species called brandlings). In fact, this sort of compost heap is essentially a large wormery (see pages 140-145), but a lot less trouble. Worms should colonize naturally, but you can make sure by adding some from an existing heap. If you're starting from scratch, get some worms from a compost-friendly neighbour. As a last resort, buy them from compost specialists, but this should not be necessary.

In a high-fibre heap, most of the actual composting activity is confined to a relatively narrow layer, with fresh material above and maturing compost below. If your heap is working well, this narrow layer should be very rich in worms. Since this layer-cake arrangement is vital to the success of your heap, it follows that you need do nothing other than add new material to the top. Certainly

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Worm Farming

Worm Farming

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