Potting compost

There was a time when potting compost was a problem for green, organic gardeners. All the major brands were peat-based and if you wanted a peat-free, soil-less potting compost (that is, not a loam-based type), you had to make your own. Many of the early peat-free composts, based on coir or composted wood waste, performed poorly or were very variable.

Thankfully, things have changed and the best modern, peat-free composts are both reliable and perform extremely well. Nor will making your own compost from home-made ingredients give better results than the best commercial, peat-free brands. It will save you money but, unless you use a lot of potting compost, not a great deal. Having said all that, if you still want to make your own potting compost,

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Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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