In the spring with a grass strimmer

You could also chop it with a spade, if it has a nice, sharp edge. Then cover it with old carpet, black plastic, or newspaper until the manure has rotted. The beauty of newspaper is that it will rot along with the manure so you need do nothing else.

Alternatively, if you have a binful of compost, use that to cover the manure. Whatever you do, leave at least a month before sowing or planting new crops.

If, despite my advice, you decide to dig in your green manure, you might want to consider growing one that's relatively easy to dig. Alfalfa and grazing rye are hard work, while buckwheat, fenugreek, mustard (see opposite), and phacelia are easy. Any green manure will be easier to dig in (and will rot more quickly) while it is still young.

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