Wide Aisle

It's usually most efficient to lay out a center aisle wide enough for a cart or even an automobile. This will be used for harvesting, washing, and removing your produce. The side aisles should be only wide enough for walking and kneeling. Remember, your objective is to have as much growing area as possible. Because you can reach in at least two feet from each side, your growing areas can be four feet wide instead of the conventional square foot gardening system of four-foot squares bordered on all four sides by walking paths. Depending on the existing surface, and how you want your garden to look, you might leave grass growing in the aisles (just make sure they're wide enough to run a lawn mower through), cover them with planks, or lay down carpeting or other mulching material to prevent weeds from growing. All of these materials will keep your feet dry and your clothes clean while you're working in the garden.

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