When to Start

The next schedules show when it's safe to plant outdoors as well as when to start seeds indoors. If you are growing your own transplants, the schedules also show how often you should replant in order to have a continuous harvest for sale.

In general, if you're growing something that's harvested by pulling up the entire plant, such as lettuce, radishes, and scallions, you should replant every week. If it's a crop like beans or peas that has a continuous harvest over three or four weeks, you should replant every two weeks so there is a little overlap in harvests. For those vegetables that have a harvest all season, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and Swiss chard, you only have to plant once, unless you want a staggered harvest. Then you might plant one-third of your crop as early as possible, the next third two weeks later, and the final third in two more weeks.

You may want to make a similar schedule for your frost dates and just those crops you're going to grow. See if your area requires some adjustment in growing times or length of harvest. By combining these schedules with your strip calendar, you should have a fairly simple yet complete time schedule for your activities of the year.

A pencil is handy for quick and easy potting of seedlings.

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