Try Gourmet Vegetoeles

For top-dollar profits, try raising gourmet vegetables.

They are just as easy to grow as the more common varieties, and they bring in extra dollars.

Make certain, first, that you have a market for them, someone who needs and appreciates the unusual varieties, and is willing to pay the extra price for them. Be sure, too, to know the volume of them that will be purchased.

You may have to search to find the seeds. Most major seed companies offer a limited number, and specialty mail order companies offer a good choice. Here are a few to consider:

Carrots: Look for varieties that produce the earliest crop, long, thin, or round shapes.

Lettuce: Try corn salad or rocket salad, and look for varieties of leaf and buttercrunch types that are especially suited for spring forcing, overwintering, or heat-resistant, to give you a year-round crop.

Cucumbers: Concentrate on the long, thin varieties from France, China, and Japan.

Radishes: Look for the unusual shapes of many European and Oriental varieties.

Also try: Celeriac, red chicory, witloof chicory or Belgian endive, Finocchio (fennel), cress, mustard, and spinach.

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