Spacing Plan

The next step is to start thinking about a spacing plan. Since you'll be planting more than onesquare foot of each crop at a time, think in terms of the total number of plants to one, two, three, or four linear feet of bed. You'll find the arithmetic is extremely easy.' For example, if you're putting in extra-large plants at a spacing of one per square foot, you'll be putting in four plants for every linear foot of your bed.

The next size would be plants which are spaced four per square foot, or sixteen per linear foot of bed. The medium-sized plants require a spacing of nine per square foot, for a total of thirty-six per linear foot of bed. The small plants such as radishes and carrots fit sixteen per square foot or a total of sixty-four plants per linear foot of bed. After a while these numbers will become second nature to you and you won't have to figure them out on paper or even stop to think about them. And if you take the trouble to lay out your beds on graph paper, allowing one square per square foot, you'll find it very easy to count and measure.

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