Scheduling Your Crops

Well, you've selected your market and made all the arrangements with your prospective buyers; you've laid out your garden and prepared your soil. Now it's time to get down to the final preparation, deciding what crops you plan to grow. Ask yourself these questions. Are you sure you can sell these crops? Are they in demand? Are they fairly easy to grow? Will they realize a good profit for the space and time required?

By starting with crops that are easy togrow, you will help guarantee your success. Give yourself every advantage possible this first year and save the challenging crops for later. Some people feel the need to tell their friends and neighbors they're growing exotic or difficult crops such as artichokes or mangoes; some might even be embarrassed to say they're selling radishes out of their backyards. Don't be a show-off. Just say you're growing salad crops for a local restaurant, and your vanity will be soothed when you look at your bank balance.

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