Rules to Remember

Some general ground rules to keep in mind:

  • Don't gossip; never complain about the weather or the cost of living.
  • Always be positive.
  • Be cheerful, friendly, and have a smile and a good word for all. They'll get to look forward to your visits.
  • Be as nice a person as your produce.
  • Never smoke in or near the restaurant, even if others do.
  • Keep your truck or car clean and neat: it's an extension of your business.
  • Have something nice to say about your harvest each week: " Look how nice these carrots are;'' "Try some of this fresh spinach;" "Wait until you see the Swiss chard next week."

If you can follow these rules, the staff will look forward to your deliveries, the chef will have a better attitude toward your produce, and the owner will be happy to pay you each week. They'll feel that, between you and your produce, they're getting a bargain.

Records to Keep

What delivery records should you keep? Only enough to tell you how much of what and at what price was delivered each week. It can be a simple itemized list, showing how many units or pounds of each vegetable were delivered each time and at what price. Should you lump all leaf lettuce together or should you have a separate line for each variety — Ruby, buttercrunch, oak leaf? If the restaurant doesn't want it, and they usually don't, why bother? It's just a lot of paper— work and extra figuring. If they all sell for the same price, lump them together. The only reason to keep more detailed records is to help in planning next year.

Here is my typical weekly delivery list:

SQUARE FOOT GARDEMfNG Pheasant Run Farm Old Field, NY 117M

SQUARE FOOT GARDEMfNG Pheasant Run Farm Old Field, NY 117M

To further simplify it and keep costs down, I use bank deposit slips. They have lines for the restaurant's name and the date, and all the lines below are ideal for listing the varieties of produce. I keep a carbon copy for myself in a different color. I don't know if the banks would appreciate my suggesting this, but it seems a small expenditure compared to all they spend on advertising to get you to think that their bank is different from the others.

The only difference I've ever found among banks is that some have clean, simple deposit slips in pretty colors, while others have very cluttered, dull ones.






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Invest in a small pocket calculator to do your addition and multiplication so you can present a totaled delivery slip as soon as you arrive. Now for the big step

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