Profits from Lettuce

By planting 10 square feet each week of both cos and leaf lettuce, each bed would hold an eight-week supply of lettuce and provide a $63 a week income. This 10x20 area would take approximately four hours a week to plant, tend, harvest, and deliver, and would yield a total seasonal income of $1,640. A 20x20 area would yield over $3,000 a year for seven or eight hours a week labor.

Leaf Lettuce

80 sq. ft. of growing soil

Cos Lettuce

80 sq. ft. of growing soil advance, and what's more, you can't. So don't go to a lot of work and expense developing an elaborate system, only to find that it needs major adjustments. Think your plan through, write down a summary, talk it over with friends and family, get your buyer all excited and ready to go, and then get started. Believe me, you can do it.

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