Keeping Count

The easiest way to keep count is to add to your total as you place the rinsed and cleaned items into the flats. Keep a grease pencil and plastic score card tied together so you can jot down the numbers after finishing each bed or vegetable. Paper and pencil won't work very well; it's wet when you harvest, and water will make a mess of any system except the grease pencil and plastic. Writing numbers on the flats is confusing when you reuse them. A very simple system is to buy an 8'/2"x 11" plasticfolder in any dime or stationery store. On a sheet of white paper, list your plant varieties with room next to each for adding the numbers in the field. (Leave lots of room for the numbers because you tend to write big when your hands are wet and cold.) If you insert a piece of cardboard, your chart will be stiff enough to write on without bending. Each day's tallies can be wiped off with alcohol or cleaning fluid. One further suggestion: punch a hole in one corner and tie the grease pencil on the chart with a two-foot length of string. You could also buy a clipboard to hold the plastic chart and tie the pencil to the clipboard.

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