Hew to Collect in Cash

Since you've already agreed with the owner that you can collect upon completion of delivery, it shouldn't be any trouble. But be alert for snags and make sure the first time goes smoothly. Don't be put off by any excuses, especially the first time. This is the crux of your business; if you can't collect every week and have tostart givingcredit, you're starting a new business — banking. Don't do it, even for one week.

Once your harvest is unloaded, checked, or at least seen by the owner, make sure it's put away properly and then collect your money. You might ask the owner, " Who should I see for payment when you're not here?" while you hand him his copy of the delivery slip. That's a subtle way of saying, "I'd like to get paid now for my delivery." If you say, "Here's your copy of the delivery slip," he might say, "Thank you,'' and go on his way, leaving you on the loading dock wondering what's next, or chasing him down the hallway into the kitchen. If you're lucky, he'll say, "You can see Jane over here each week." Now you've got a specific person to collect from, and you don't have to bother the boss every time you deliver.

Here's the payoff. The chef gets the vegetables and you get the cash.

But what happens if you're not lucky? Well, in most cases, if you're dealing with a friendly, honest person, you'll have no trouble getting paid. But if the boss tries to put you off, what'do you say to the fifty-eight excuses he'll try to give you for not paying you right away? Give him a reply that responds directly to his excuse. Here are some examples.

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