Hcwv To Test For Germination

Here's an easy and quick method to test whether those seeds you saved should be planted in this year's garden.

Dampen a paper towel. Fold it once and place exactly ten seeds on it. Fold it again and wrap it in a dampened folded face towel. Place the towel in a saucer or plate. Mark it with the variety of seeds, and the date. Keep it in a warm place, such as near the hot water tank.

Keep moist but remember that seeds need both moisture and air to prevent rotting, so don't keep sopping wet.

Open every few days to inspect. Most seeds will sprout within seven to ten days.

Count the number of seeds that sprouted, and multiply that number by ten. That's the percentage of germination. A germination rate of 40 to 50 percent is poor, but still usable. Germination rates of 60 to 70 percent are good, while 80 and above are excellent.

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