Estimating Your Profits

We interviewed the owner of a small (forty-five seats) restaurant who said he could use the following salad vegetables every week and was willing, even eager, to buy as many as possible from 'us. We've figured on the basis of furnishing 30 percent of his needs.


# Per Needed

Radishes Carrots Leaf lettuce Romaine let. Scallions

9 pounds=400 each 25 pounds=250 each 24 heads=24 heads 24 heads=24 heads 20 bunches=120 each


+■ 16 =



7 16 □



t 4



4 =



25 =


If you were to supply 30 percent of his needs, you would need the following space.

Radishes: Need 4 weeks growing

X 8 square feet per week

= 32 square feet of garden space. Plant 8 square feet every week.

Carrots: Need 12 weeks growing

X 5 square feet per week

= 60 square feet of garden space. Plant 5 square feet every week.

Leaf lettuce: Need 5 weeks growing

X 2 square feet per week

- 10 square feet of garden space. Plant 2 square feet every week.

Romaine lettuce: Same as leaf lettuce.

Scallions: Need 6 weeks growing

X 1V2 square feet per week

= 9 square feet of garden space. Plant llh square feet every week.

TOTAL Garden space: Radishes Carrots Leaf lettuce Romaine lettuce Scallions

32 square feet 60 10 10 9

TOTAL 12 1 square feet

Two beds, 4 feet wide X 15 feet long =120 square feet.


Radishes Carrots Leaf lettuce Romaine lettuce Scallions


per week


120 square feet

  • 115.00 per month X 6
  • 690.00 per season
  • 5.75 per square foot

I know a lot of people who would be tickled pink to earn almost $30 a week for working a few hours a week in such a small garden.

Of course you could double your area and supply the restaurant with 60 percent of its needs and earn almost $1,500, but remember that if you try to supply almost all of the needs of a restaurant, your problems will multiply. It would be better, if you want to raise a larger garden, to find a bigger restaurant.

Your buyer may be interested in having a seasonal item such as kale, which is available only in the fall. He may even be willing to plan his menu around such an item, but you must let him know well ahead of time what will be ready. Keep him aware of what you have now, what you'll have in the following weeks, and what you anticipate in the future. Otherwise you may end up with a harvest no one is interested in, and how much is that worth?

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