Building Frames

Construct your wood frames by nailing four boards together, four feet long at each end and as long at the sides as you want each bed to be. If you don't have lumber that's long enough for the sides (let's say twelve feet long), you can easily splice two pieces together. Butt the ends together and put a piece of plywood on the inside, nail

It's easiest to assemble the wood border on a hard, flat surface like a driveway.

it through, and hammer the nails flat. This creates a fairly strong joint that is still slim and won't get in the way when you're turning your soil or planting.

With these joints you can construct beds that are the length you want. Firm up the soil aro'und the wood. It won't have to withstand much pressure, so don't worry too much about driving in stakes or providing other supports, as many books recommend when building bordered bed gardens.

To splice lumber, use a small piece of plywood, nailed on the inside of the bed, and bend over the nail ends.

If you're not going to rototill, nail spacers of two-by-fours or two-by-sixes across every four feet. This should be the only support your frames will need; it also provides built-in visual guidance for spacing your plants. Then it's easy to plant one, two, or four linear feet of your bed area each week with a different crop.

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