Water Humidity

All the pygmy Drosera require high humidity when actively growing. While only some pygmy Drosera species grow in very wet areas, they all do well in moist medium which is not water logged. They should be watered from the bottom to prevent soil from being splashed on the leaves. Since the leaves are generally quite small, many of the tentacles will be needlessly stimulated to move by splashed soil, causing both considerable unneeded expenditure of energy by the plant and a reduction of photosynthetic activity due to screening of light by the medium.

Some growers water plants from above with syringes to avoid splashing medium on the leaves. Others heap the medium into mounds about 1 in. (2.5 cm) or so high and insert the plants on the top of the mounds so that when they are top watered the water will not splash up on the leaves. One drawback to mounding the planting medium is that gemmae fall into the depressions created, and grow there. Since ventilation in the depression is poor, the young plants are subject to fungus infection which can spread to the other plants in the pot.

Another watering technique employed to avoid splashing planting media on the leaves is to place a layer of very coarse sand or small pebbles on top of the medium. The sand or pebbles prevents soil from splashing up onto the plants when they are top watered.

In our judgment the best method is to set the pots in a container with 1-2 (2.5-5 cm) of water. Leave the pot in the container until the water has soaked up to the surface of the medium. We grow pygmy Droseras in pots standing in trays of water 1 in. (2.5 cm) deep.

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