Temperatures in its native habitat extend from below freezing to about 100°F (38°C). Even though the usual summer air temperature is about 80°F (27°C), the temperature of the soil is usually lower than 68°F (20°C). Greenhouse experience indicates that best growth occurs when soil temperatures range from about 60-68°F (16-20°C). During the winter the plants will have an adequate dormant period with temperatures ranging from 35-50°F (2-10°C).

To keep soil temperature at reasonable levels, grow plants out of direct sunlight and plant them in large pots. The more medium there is in the pot, the longer it will take for the soil temperature to increase during the day. Lower ambient night temperatures will allow the soil temperature to also drop at night and, therefore, be cool at the start of the next day. Copious watering during hot periods will help keep soil temperatures low. Some growers use ice water to keep the temperature under control. If plants are grown in an outdoor greenhouse, they should be placed on the floor where it is cooler than at bench level.

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