Species Of The Pygmy Type Of The Genus Drosera

The following list includes all known species of pygmy Drosera. The species not yet officially named are listed by the name of the area in Australia where they were discovered.

Pygmy Sundews

D. androsacea

"Bannister Pale Pink"—W

T3rookton Orange Flower"

Pygmy Sundews

D. dichrosepala D. drummondii D. glanduligera

"Lake Badgebup White Flower"—W D. leucoblasta "Millbrook Road" D. miniata

"Mt. Manypeak Type" "Muchea Pink"—W D. nitidula—W

"North Beermullah Small Pink"—W

D. occidentalis

D. omissa

  1. paleacea
  2. platystigma
  3. pulchella—W
  4. pycnoblasta
  5. pygmaea—W

"Regans Ford Yellow Flower"

  1. scorpioides
  2. sewelliae

"Toodyay Pink"

"Walyinga Pink"

W= Soil is wet the year around.

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