Species Of The Genus Cephalotus

Cephalotus is a monotypic genus. The only species is C. follicularis Labill. CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS Planting Media

Sphagnum moss (living or non-living), sphagnum peat moss, mixtures of sand with sphagnum peat moss. Living sphagnum moss tends to overgrow Cephalotus plants when they are young; therefore, the moss needs regular pruning. But it does provide a beautiful green background for the reddish maroon pitchers and leaves.


Range from 38-95°F (3-35°C). Plants can survive a light frost. Cephalotus will grow well at constant temperatures of 70-85°F (21-29°C) the year around. We keep our plants at 38-40°F (3-4°C) during the winter while summer temperatures reach 95°F (35°C) or more. In their native habitat, temperatures are lower in winter than in summer. Our plants are thriving and produce flowers each year.


There seems to be no dormancy requirement. Water & Humidity

Keep soil damp or wet during the growing season or summer and if, during the winter, the plants are maintained at low temperatures such as in the 40-60°F (4-16°C) range, keep the soil drier.

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