Natural Habitat

Byblis gigantea is a perennial that grows in southwestern Australia in sandy soils in areas marked by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. In areas where the soil dries out, the plants die back to their rootstock during the dry season with new growth produced after the arrival of rain. In places where the soil is moist all year, the plant does not die back but rather is evergreen.

Byblis liniflora grows in northern Australia and New Guinea usually in sandy soils. Much of the area in which it grows is dominated by monsoonal weather, with a wet season during the hot summer (December-April) and a dry season during the winter in which temperatures range from 60-104°F (16-40°C). In areas where the soil is wet part of the year and then dries out, B. liniflora grows as an annual, but in permanently moist situations it is a perennial.

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