Natural Habitat

This is a very diverse genus of plants. Some aquatic species grow free, floating m water, while others float in water but are attached to the soil below. (Fig. 6-1) They grow in locations such as ponds and margins of lakes. The terrestial species grow in wet, acul soils while the epiphytic species grow on the surface of moss-covered tree trunks branches or stones. (Fig. 6-2) Some of the aquatic species tend to become while some terrestrials become aquatic and some epiphites tend to become terresti.iI Some species are annuals while others are perennials. Those that grow in cold regions over winter by forming winter buds while some overcome hot, dry summers In forming tubers, often called corms, or by producing seed that germinates with Ihr arrival of rain. While these plants are of world-wide distribution, none have been found on oceanic islands.

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