Apparently none. Rate of growth may be depressed during the winter. Water & Humidity

Generally speaking, Nepenthes need high humidity for proper trap development, but we know of at least one exception. We have grown a plant of Nepenthes anamensis in our bedroom for 2 years. It was planted in a plastic pot which was placed on a saucer to catch excess water. The plant was watered when the soil was dry and never misted. It grew prolifically and pitchered well. Contrary to accepted views, it did well even though the house is heated with forced hot air. In light of this experience, we wonder how many of the other species will grow well in a low humidity environment. The soil should be wet during the growing or warm season and drier during the winter or cool season.


Nepenthes tend to grow in open areas in their native habitat, receiving direct sunlight for at least part of the day. When grown in adequate light the pitchers have a colorful variegation. They grow well under artificial light at an illumination of about 1300 foot candles and a photoperiod of 12-14 hours.

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