Description Of Commercially Available Species

Nepenthes are identified mainly by pitcher characteristics. The pitcher description provided is for the lower pitchers which are always found on cultivated plants. Upper ones may not form in cultivation.

  1. alata Pitchers are funnel-shaped with a ventricose base, narrowing in the middle and having 2 fringed wings.
  2. ampullaria Pitchers are small ellipsoidal, green to red, with some purple spots. The lid is small and reflexed. (Photo 3-8)
  3. albo-marginata Pitchers tend to be tubular, green and purple in color. The collar is white and the lid is inclined over the opening.
  4. burkei Pitchers are gibbous and cylindric. Color is green with purple splotches.
  5. distillatoria Pitchers are tubular at the top and gibbous below with fringed wings. Pitchers tend to be green to yellow-green.
  6. fusca Pitchers are cylindrical with 2 fringed wings and erect lids. Color is green with purple to blackish areas.
  7. gracilis Pitchers are gibbose cylindric in shape, with reduced wings. Color is green with some purple spots. (Photo 3-9)
  8. kampotiana Pitchers gibbous at base narrowing at top with a large lid and a pair of fringed wings. Color is greenish red.
  9. khasiana Pitchers are tube-like with a slight bulge below the midpoint. Wings are fringed. Lid is reddish green on its underside.
  10. maxima Pitchers cylindrical, enlarged at the base and have 2 fringed wings. Color green with red-purple blotches.
  11. mirabilis Pitchers ventricose at the base and cylindrical toward the top. Color is light green sometimes with red.
  12. rafflesiana Pitchers tend to be ellipsoidal with fringed wings. Color is green with purple splotches.
  13. sanguinea Leaves are sessile. Pitchers are ventricose, cylindrical in shape. Color varies from green to reddish green to red. Peristome is red.
  14. thorelii Pitchers are gibbous below, cylindrical above with an enlarged lid and fringed wings. Color is reddish green.
  15. trichocarpa Pitchers basically cylindrical, slightly gibbous at base with 2 fringed wings. Color mainly green with some red.

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