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You must invest in a mower that is capable of working all day, every day. You'll find these at specialised garden shops catering for the trade. Check your Yellow Pages. Dealers usually sell or hire a wide range of gardening equipment including chainsaws, strimmers etc. Unless you're planning to cut only a few lawns a week, you would be well advised to invest in a commercial mower. Prices start at around £400. They're not cheap, but they are capable of working long hours without overheating and becoming problematic. Mowers you find at DIY stores are generally only suitable for domestic work. Guarantees are invalidated if you use them for anything other than mowing your own lawn. Or use your client's mower.

The alternative to purchasing your own mower is to use your clients', provide of course they have one. There are many keen gardeners who have grown too old to mow their own lawn and will be only too happy to have a professional cut it for them.

So you could offer a service whereby you provide the labour and your client provides the mower. Nothing wrong with this and it'll save you having to invest in, and service, your own mower.

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Caring For Your Lawn

Caring For Your Lawn

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