So what makes selfemployment so stressful

Imagine that you are leaving your present job with its stresses, strains and long hours to start your own home-based gardening business. You've fully researched your business idea and are confident that you can make it work. Your family is enthusiastically behind your plans and agree that it is time for you to go it alone. Financially you're relatively sound and have at least three months of survival income sitting in a high interest rate account, which hopefully won't be touched unless you really need it. Business planning is something that you have enjoyed doing and you worked out a clear launching strategy from which to work from to catapult your business into the market.

But this is only half of the picture. You're giving up much more than a job. What you're leaving is a way of life:

  • The support and friendship of your colleagues.
  • Either a wage or salary paid to you weekly or monthly.
  • Paid leave.
  • Depending on your employer you may have been paid while you were off sick.
  • Bank holiday pay.
  • Job security.
  • When you leave work at the end of the day, you are physically removed from it, even if you take work home you have left your working environment, which in itself is refreshing.
  • If things don't go well there are often other people or circumstances that can be blamed.

Being self-employed means that:

  • Most of the time you will be working on your own.
  • You will not have the 'family environment' of many work places to fall back on.
  • You will have to accept responsibility for your business in terms of both its success and failures.
  • Work isn't over when you've completed your last job of the day. When you get home there will be telephone calls to return, bookwork, quotations and preparing for the next day.
  • Taking a day oif either through illness or holiday means loss of earnings.
  • Factors outside of your business can have a negative impact on your earnings, bad weather being the most common offender.
  • Your working environment is where you live. Separating home and working life can often be difficult.

All of these things can make life more stressful and less enjoyable. Therefore it's essential that prior to starting your business you really do believe that this is for you. It would be far better for you now to realise that this really isn't for you as opposed to adopting the attitude that you'll give it a try and see how it goes. I can tell you now that unless you're prepared to give yourself 100% to your business, then things won't go very well.

If you're going to start this business, then make sure that you are ready for the hard work ahead This doesn't make it any less enjoyable, if anything it makes it far more worthwhile.

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