Planning for success

Success is where you achieve your dreams and ambitions. These could be:

  • To earn enough money to pay off a debt.
  • To pay for the children's school fees, a holiday, or home improvements.
  • A life changing experience, where you break free from whatever hell you're in now and become truly independent running your own business.

When I started my first goal was to be able to earn enough money to pay my bills. But my vision for success went far beyond this. My criteria for success were relatively simple. I wanted to:

  • have a successful, profitable business
  • have fun
  • enjoy each day as opposed to dreading the next
  • create beautiful gardens that inspire.

Success to me in those first crucial months was not about earning huge sums of money or taking lots of time off, but surviving, managing to earn enough money to pay my bills.

While surviving can be considered success in itself, 1 believe that it is dangerous to rely solely on earning just enough to pay your way. You will need to want more.

Earning little or no money and working long hours can lead to resentment and before you know it you'll end up like poor John. So, make it your goal to survive first and then succeed thereafter. Believe me, it's a lot less frustrating, far more achievable than living in cloud cuckoo land and hoping your new business will deliver all your dreams in its first month or year.

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