My initial planning

In the months before I left I wrote a number of business plans and gave much thought to how I was going to start my business. My business began with a few humble cards advertising my services in some dreary-looking seaside newsagents. Tucked in between Angie's Mobile Hair Salon, 10% discount for genuine (underlined) OAPS, Greenfingers Ladies Only Gardening Service and a whole range of other handwritten advertisements offering anything from a clapped out car to a discreet private massage, was my card, advertising Paul Power's Gardening Service. It was a humble beginning. My initial advertising bill was less than £2.50. Having taken £5 with me, I invested the change in a coffee and Danish pastry. I was in business!

Then to my enormous disappointment two weeks had already passed and I hadn't had a single call. It seemed that no one wanted my services. Disappointment turned to disillusionment and all the wonderful images of being self-employed began to ebb away. I was to learn my first hard lesson of running your own business:

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Creating an Online Business Plan

Creating an Online Business Plan

Your online business plan needs to make sure it addresses the management and administration structure in other words your organization’s breakdown. Online businesses often have a simpler organization structure than a traditional business, but that’s not always the case, and it must be clearly defined.

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