Hedge trimming and pruning job at Mrs Cassells. I've booked the full day for this work. To-do - daytime list

I need to make all of these calls during the daytime as they largely involve contacting businesses that will be closed by the time I get home.

  1. Order turfing for next week's lawn job - (telephone number).
  2. Phone Mr Madden and finalise a date for his pruning job.
  3. Book additional help for next Wednesday's turf-laying.
  4. Check with builders' suppliers that the paving slabs I ordered last week have arrived and are now available.
  5. If they are, then phone Mrs Cottrell and book an appointment to come and lay them.

Evening list

  1. Return any calls that I have been unable to make during the day and answerphone for new messages.
  2. Complete Mr Harper's estimate and phone to discuss it with him. Offer a start date of the first week in June.

In addition to having a daily to-do list, I also have:

  • weekly to-do list
  • monthly to-do list.

Weekly to-do list

What's included on this list varies depending on the time of the year and proximity to the month end. I include anything that I need to do during the week but that could be done on any day, for example checking my business account online, or devoting time to maintaining and cleaning tools.

Monthly to-do list

This list includes such things as:

  • Formulating next month's, or next season's advertising campaign.
  • Reviewing past month's performance in terms of both sales achieved and the cost of sales (how much it cost the business to provide a service).
  • Paying monthly accounts.
  • Looking at new ways of developing the business.
  • Filing and dealing with general administration.

check the provisional

As your business develops and expands you must have a system in place where you work from todo lists. It's vital for you and your business that you know what you have to do in order to keep your business running smoothly, and, more importantly, when you're going to do it.

As I said at the start of the chapter, I really do believe that is the greatest business in the world to run. It's enormous fun. It's relatively profitable and, in terms of satisfaction, nothing will ever beat the feeling you get when you close your client's garden gate for the last time, look back and see that you really have made a difference!

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