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Every week The Property Weekly falls through our letterbox. It's full of potential clients for our business. As everyone who has moved house knows, the last thing on your list is to sort out the garden. Although it may be in a terribly overgrown state, there are usually umpteen other things that need your attention. Apart from hacking away the brambles to see the front door, initially at least there is little time for the garden. This presents enormous opportunity. You need to be proactive. Don't rely on customers finding you. Instead go looking for them. Scan the property pages and highlight houses with large gardens and those with gardens that are obviously in need of repair. Cut them out and keep them.

Keep an eye out for these properties as you travel about your locality. As soon as you see the sold sign appear, drop a card or letter introducing your services through the letterbox. Or better still wait until the new occupants have moved in and then put your literature through their door. This really is a great way of getting bigger jobs without having to advertise. I've done this with great success. The only problem I found with it was finding enough time to continue doing the initial research. Keep those property pages; they're full of potential properties that could use your services.

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