Financing your new venture

While it is unlikely that your new venture is going to costs thousands to get underway, you will need to have some money available to get started. You'll also need money available to pay your weekly businesses expenses, which may include:

  • fuel for your lawn mower, car etc
  • dumping costs
  • materials
  • miscellaneous costs
  • staff costs.

In the early days you will need to have either cash or credit available to cover these expenses. The smaller the operation you are planning, the less you will have to have available.

In the future, as you expand your range of services and build your business, you may need to get outside help from banks or other lending institutions, but you should be able to cover your initial start-up costs yourself.

My rule for buying new things for my business is that if I haven't got the cash to buy it, leant afford it. it's kept me from going over budget, something that's very easy to do.

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