During the expansion process be aware that your profits and personal income from your business

may well go down.

When my business expanded, I wasn't prepared for just how much extra work I was going to have to do working on my business, as opposed to in it. Where previously I was out there working on gardening jobs, I was now spending days meeting prospective commercial clients, recruiting staff, estimating and all the increased administration that goes with it. My biggest mistake was when calculating my initial sales forecasts, I'd included my working in the business as I had before - cutting hedges, lawns, garden maintenance, etc. The impact on our profit was unfortunately painful and unforeseen.

So before I show you how to grow your business, I first want to run through the factors that you will need to consider and get right before you even think of expansion. The areas you need to address before expanding your business:

  • cash flow
  • staff

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