Dont ever apologise for charging a fair price The secret of a successful diary

You will need to run your diary in much the same way as a dentist or doctor would by allocating set appointments. Divide up your day into slots of no less than two hours. This is the smallest slot you can realistically sell. Anything less than two hours simply isn't worth it. But then what will you do if a friend of one of your existing clients, who lives near to them, asks for your help with their garden, but what they want done will take less than an hour? This is where your minimum charge comes in. Under such circumstances you can explain that you have a minimum charge. This worked for me and I found that people understood. If you do come across someone who starts dividing your hourly rate into segments and then telling you how much they'll be willing to pay you, my advice is for you to politely leave. Don't waste any more of your time.

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