Be prepared to be your own motivator

Whenever you feel down, get out of wherever you are, find somewhere you feel comfortable and take a fresh look at your problems. Don't expect to solve them all. Just work on a few possible solutions. I believe that it's so important to you and your business that you develop a habit of self-reliance. You have ample resources to pull yourself through the difficult times, and believe me there will be some ahead.

When I returned home full of positive energy again, with a new sales strategy all worked out, I nearly didn't see the red light flashing on the answerphone. But when I did, I was overjoyed. Finally, a call from my first prospective client!

'Mr Power, I was wondering if you could help me. I've got a small side garden which is completely overgrown and needs something doing with it. Do you think you could fit me in?'

This lovely lady will never know just how much that telephone call meant to me. Finally (two weeks can seem an eternity when you're waiting for the phone to ring) I had my first client. That morning I had felt dejected and down as I reluctantly pulled myself out of the bed to face another day in my struggling business. That evening, having visited that lady, quoted for what she wanted done, agreed the price and start date, it finally seemed that my business was up and running and for the first night in many weeks I enjoyed an uninterrupted night's sleep. But there was still lots and lots more work to be done on the planning front as I was soon to find out.

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