"It is particularly fitting that we should be able to publish this revised edition of Broadleaves in 1985. the 'International Year of the Forest". One of the main objectives of the Year declared by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation is to increase public awareness of the value of forests and the forces which threaten them.

Britain's broadleaved trees have long been treasured for their beauty and great contribution to the landscape so that a biological disaster such as Dutch elm disease brought home to us all the immense impact on the environment of the loss of one major broadleaved species. There is also growing concern about the need to safeguard Britain's remaining traditional broadleaved woodland and to establish new woods where practicable, not only for timber production but also for their special value in the landscape and for wildlife conservation.

I hope this booklet with its colour illustrations and drawings will lead many to a more detailed knowledge of.some of the most beautiful trees in our countryside."

GEORGE HOLMES CB Director General Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission Booklet No. 20

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