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A cornucopia of photographs follows. Flavor and color descriptions are included for hundreds of fruit, berry, and nut varieties. Hardiness, time of fruiting, and special care requirements are discussed.

he information in this encyclopedia is designed to help you choose the best possible fruits for your garden. It describes the best and most popular fruits. Some varieties are known by more than one name. In these cases the most common name is used with the less well known alternatives following in parentheses.

Many varieties have chilling requirements that must be met for the fruit to develop properly. The chilling requirements are described, in terms of the number of hours of exposure to winter temperatures below 45° E Fruits and berries that require chilling fall into one of three general categories: Low chill 300 up to 400 hours below 45° F Moderate chill 400 up to 700 hours below 45° F High chill 700 up to 1000 hours below 45° F The maps accompanying each fruit show where it is best adapted. The darkest part of the map shows where most varieties are well-adapted; the lighter part shows where you will need to use adapted varieties. You may still be able to raise the fruit in parts of the country uncolored on the map if special varieties are available for your region, or if you use special techniques, such as bringing the plants into a greenhouse for the winter.

Just because a variety is recommended for one area does not necessarily mean that it can't do well in others. Local climate, as well as special treatment from the gardener, can support plants that generally are not expected to do well in a given region.

The home orchardist's reward—a bountiful harvest.

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An informal espaliered apple

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