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The founder of Rodale Press, Inc., J.I. Rodale became known as the world's foremost advocate of organically grown foods and natural food products.

He was publisher and editor of Organic Gardening & Farming and Prevention magazines. In 1940, Rodale and his wife Anna, purchased a fann in Hramaus and began to implement the theories of Sir Albert Howard.

He published the first edition of Organic Farming and Gardening, laying the foundation for broad-based acceptance of the organic movement.

lie praised composting, the value of earthworms, stone mulching, companion plants, and the benefits of certain insects. He also became one of the first advocates of the back-to-the-land and self-sufficiency movements in the early 1940s.

Jerome Rodale

Rodale criticized conventional ideas of gardening and large scale agriculture, and warned against the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Receiving only ridicule from the government and the agricultural industry, JI, in 1947, formed the Soil and Health Foundation, a non-profit research foundation which awards grants to individuals and groups performing research in areas of organic interest.

His lifelong concern with health came to fruition when he published the first issue of Prevention in June of 1950. He advocated good diet and the use of natural vitamin and mineral supplements.

He won many converts as he battled the countless governmental bureaucracies on issues related to food processing, artificial additives, pollution of the environment, the evils of sugar, and the low minimum daily requirements for vitamins set by the federal government.

Lady Eve Balfour (1899 -1990) "The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible."

Lady Hvc Balfour was a dynamic leader in the field or organic agriculture in the UK. In 1946 she became the first president of The Soil Association—an organisation that promotes the use of organic means of farming and gardening instead of using chemicals.

She also wrote the book 'The Living Soil', Published in 1975. There are now Soil Associations in 40 different countries around the world.

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