How to Keep the Birds Off Your Beautiful Fence?

Looks like the birds are causing a lot of trouble! While it may seem like a fun activity to watch the birds, but they have the potential to make a mess of the garden.  A garden is supposed to be lush green and blooming with colourful flowers. As soon as the birds enter the zone, they start eating the fruits that you were growing for your kitchen.

Additionally, their droppings may not look great on the blooming red flowers. This is your zone and YOU make the rules, right? You brought a beautiful metal fence gate to keep the wild animals away from your garden and now the birds have made your backyard a hangout spot. The birds can simply skip the metal fence and fly straight to the trees and plants in the garden.

If you are a bird-lover, you can go to a nearby park or even visit a jungle for a bird-watching tour. However, the garden should be protected from these trouble-makers.

The question is - How to keep the birds off your beautiful fence? Let us take a look at the possible solutions.

Bird Control Solutions: How to keep the birds off the fence?

#1 No More Safe Landings - Birds enter your zone because they feel that it is easy to land on the garden. How about getting bird spikes? This will prevent them from landing because the birds cannot get their footing on these spikes. This is a permanent solution and it helps the home owners to keep the birds off their backyard or garden.

#2 Using a repellent gel - Invest in a repellent gel. These can irritate the birds to the point that they will never land on your fence or garden. Do note that this gel does not harm the birds in any way! It does not trap the bird but is a simple way to keep them off your zone. Think of it like a repellent used for your irritating neighbour. Once you use it, he will never come back to your home.

#3 Using a predator decoy - We are sure that you have heard about the scare crow concept. It works like a charm! How about using a fake predator and hang it on a wall or tree? This could scare the birds and they will be fearful of entering your zone. Make sure the predator decoy looks real because birds get used to such traps. Use a hawk because this predator decoy can scare the largest bird.

#4 Noisy objects for the birdie! - There are certain noise deterrents that can irritate a bird. You can find out these objects that are irksome for birds in particular. Do not start playing loud music that disturbs the neighbourhood.

Takeaway Advice

The beautiful Margalo bird from Stuart Little or the exotic birds from Rio movie are good to watch, but as soon as they create nests in your garden and trees - it will be a mess! There will be an increase in droppings and the ideal kitchen garden will become a dining area for birds.

So, invest in spikes and use all the above-mentioned techniques. Keep the birds far away from the garden and maintain it.

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