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agar I 16 alginic acid 116 carrageenan 116 centric 115 Chlorophyta 115 Chrysophyta 114 cyanobactcria 113 diatoms 114 diatomaceous earth 117 dinotlagcllatc 114 Kuglcnophyta 115 trustulc 114

harmful algal blooms 120 hctcrocysts 115 hydrocolloids 116 Kingdom Moncra 113 Kingdom Protista 1 14 pcnnarc 115 Phacophyta 115 Pyrrophyta 114 red tides 120 Rhodophyta 115


  1. Which algae have rigid, glasslike walls?
  2. The term "seaweed" refers to which groups of algae?
  3. How can you distinguish the various groups of algae?
  4. Which group of algae has prokarvoric cells?
  5. Which type of algae is the source of agar?
  6. Describe the cell wall of dinoflagcllatcs.

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