Questions For Review And Discussion

  1. What is a protoplast? How arc they useful in genetic engineering?
  2. Why do crystals form in plants? Why are crystals found most often in the epidermis, the outermost layer of a plant organ? (Hint: Think of the dumbcanc example.)
  3. Apparently the victim of a kidnapping gone wrong, the body of a young child is found concealed in the basement of her home. As the police try to construct a timeline for the kidnapping and murder, they interview the parents. The mother insists that her daughter disappeared before the evening meal, which included a pineapple compote dessert. An analysis of the stomach contents conflicts with the mother's statements. What did the medical examiner's office find in the girl's stomach that causes them to doubt the mother's testimony?
  1. What hues are found in the anthocyanins? What pigments and colors are found in chromoplasts?
  2. List the plant cell structures that are visible under the light microscope. What cellular structures or details are only visible under the electron microscope?

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