Questions For Review And Discussion


  1. What is the function of each type of cell found in wood? How docs the function relate to the shape or form of the cell type?
  2. Compare the wood of a conifer with the wood of a flowering tree.
  3. The oleoresin in the resin ducts of conifers has some of the same biological functions as the phenolics released in the heartwood. What is the adaptive sig niftcance of these chemical compounds to a long-living organism? How can we possibly exploit the compounds found in the oleoresin or phenolics for our own use?
  4. Relate the cellular construction of wood to its strength properties. Look at wood from the vicw-

What tree is it? An interactive kev to common trees. Rocky Mountain Tree-ring Research. Inc.

h ttp://www. r m t Tree Collections Microscope images of transverse, radial, and tangential sections of a variety of common woods.

  • a href=""> The Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages. Links, databases, and references related to dendrochronology.
  • a href=""> An Educator's Guide To Dcndrochonology. Produced by the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, The University of Arizona, Tucson.

http://www.p!antbio. ecology/dcndro.htm

Woods of the World. Detailed information on 910 wood species and products, covering 95% of all wood in trade, h 11 p : / / w w w. f o r c s t w o r 1 d . c o m / w o w / wow home.html

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