Questions For Review And Discussion

  1. Modern humans require enormous amounts of cncrgv to maintain their lifestyles. Wc know diat many energy-related factors, such as available land and fossil fuels, arc limited. How can you personally reduce your overall energy consumption without affecting your annual energy intake:
  2. Why do you think starch is a better storage carbohydrate for the plant than a simple sugar like glucose?
  3. From an energy perspective, docs it make more sense to cat animals or plants: Flow do the two food sources compare from a nutritional perspective?
  4. What are some ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the U. S. food system? Include changes in both culture and technology. Where arc the biggest savings possible:
  1. How does the U. S. food system compare with early agricultural societies in terms of energy subsidy, food choiccN, and nutritional considerations? How does it compare with hunter-gatherer societies?
  2. What food items would you list as key foods that contain at least 75% of some of the major human nutrients?
  3. What food items in your diet have little to no nutritional value?

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