Questions For Review And Discussion

  1. It has been stated that humans didn't domesticate the grasses, the grasses domesticated humans. Explain this statement.
  2. Describe the characteristics of a typical grass plant, both vegetative and reproductive.
  3. Grasses have characteristics that often allow them to survive in disturbed habitats. Why is that so advantageous since the advent of humans?
  4. Half of the plant calories consumed by humans come from the endosperm. This tissue is only found in flowering plant s from a second fertilization of a sperm nucleus combining with 2 polar nuclei in the ovule. The resultant tissue is triploid (3V). What is the function of the endosperm to the plant? How do wc as humans use the endosperm as food? In what common food product do we consume endosperm?
  5. IIow does the evolution of wheat conncct with the change in characteristics that made modem wheat a "super food"?
  6. The evolution of wheat, maize, and rice arc examples of genetic modifications induced by humans over time. How does this type of genetic manipulation compare with modem methods to genetically modify organisms?
  7. What arc some of the chemical properties of wheat flour that make it superior to other types of flour for making bread?

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