Questions For Review And Discussion

  1. What arc some differences between monocot and dicot roots?
  2. How docs the organization of a monocot stem differ from that of a dicot stem?
  3. Can you tell from a cross section of a leaf whether the leaf is a monocot or a dicot? Explain.
  4. You saw how aloe leal" anatomy has been modilied to store water in an arid environment. Can vou think of other leaf modifications that would con serve water?
  5. IIow can you distinguish a leaf from a leaflet?
  6. You find a fossil plant organ. Your general knowledge that roots are underground and stems are aerial won't help you identify this fossil's vegetative status. What anatomical details would vou look for in a stem? In a root?

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  • lois
    Is typhonium a dicot?
    9 years ago

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