Procedure for Exercise C

  1. Review the instructions about sterile technique in I-aboratory Topic 2.
  2. Wipe your lab bench with a cotton ball dipped in 15% bleach solution.
  3. Pour some grape juice into a graduated cylinder, and measure the pcrccnt sugar using the hygrometer. (If a rcfractomctcr is available, it can be used instead of the hygrometer.) Record this number in the chart on worksheet 18-2.
  4. Using sterile technique, pour 150 ml of grape juice into each of four sterile flasks.
  5. Use a sterile 5-ml pipet and pipctor to add 5-ml of the champagne yeast stock to two flasks.

6 Use a second pipet to add 5 ml of the bakers' yeast stock to two flasks.

  1. Carcfullv cover cach flask with a balloon.
  2. Use a tape measure to measure the diameter of die balloons on dav 4 and day 7. Enter the measurement

on worksheet 18-2.

  1. Measure the sugar/alcohol content again in 7 days.
  2. Why are there 8 ascosporcs within the ascus in ascomycetcs?
  3. Where do the basidiosporcs form in bracket fungi?
  4. If die outdoor concentration of fungal spores is 10,000 spores per cubic meter of air, how many spores do wc inhale when we arc outside for 15 minutes? (Hint. With moderate activity, we inhale 10 liters of air per minute. How many liters arc there in a cubic meter?)
  5. The urcdial stage is called the "repeating stage" of the life cyclc in rust fungi. What docs this mean?
  6. Most fungi arc saprobes. What does this mean? Where do saprobes get their nutrients? What is the value of these organisms to the environment?

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