Procedure for Exercise B

  1. Examine the prepared slides labeled Junipcrus (cedar), Bctula (birch), Qttercus(oak), Pinus (pine), Ambrosia (ragweed), and grass pollen with the high power (40x) objective. Can you tell which pollen grains arc ornamented? Which have pores? Which have furrows? Label each pollen photo in figure 6.3 with the correct name.
  2. Prepare a slide of the pollen from one of the flowers available in lab. Placc a drop of the pollen stain on your slide. Using the dissecting needle, scrape some pollen from the anther and dip it in the drop of stain. Swirl the needle in the stain to dislodge the pollen. Add a coverslip and examine under the microscopc. Describe the pollen below.

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