Procedure for Exercise B

  1. For many of the leafy herbs, the essential oils arc conccntratcd in glandular trichomcs on the leaf surface. Select leaves from the herbs being grown by the class and examine them with the dissecting microscope. You should be able to see the glandular trichomcs. Which surface i upper or lower) has the most trichomcs? In the following space, draw several of these trichomcs.
  2. Rub your fingers over the leaf. Can you smell the essential oil on your fingers?
  3. Several essential oils arc available in class. These are in small bottles labeled A through E. Placc a drop of each essential oil on a separate piece of blotting paper. Smell the aroma. Identify the sourcc of each essential oil. You may need to go back and reexamine the herbs and spiccs available in lab. Record your answer in table 2 of worksheet 14-1.

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