Procedure for Exercise B

  1. Examine the bulk samples of materials made from several plant fibers. Evaluate the texture of these fabrics, and enter a brief description in worksheet 3-1 at the end of this laboratory topic.
  2. Obtain a tiny sample of each of diese fabrics or rope, and place it on a microscope slide. Add a drop of phloroglucinol-HCI stain. With two dissecting needles, shred the material. Allow the material to sit in the stain for several minutes; then add a coverslip and examine under the microscope. Remember that phloroglucinol is a specific stain for lignin. Evaluate the staining reaction, and enter it in worksheet 3-1.
  3. Examine the prepared slide of Agave leaves. The intensely stained regions arc bundles of fibers surrounding the vascular tissue. These bundles of fibers are the sourcc of the hard libers used to prepare sisal rope or fabric. Compare the slide with figure 3.5.

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