Exercise D Does Airborne Pollen Affect How We Feel

Approximately 20 to 25% of die population suffers from allergies, including hay fever and asthma. Pollen and spores arc important triggers of these conditions. The small lightweight pollen produced by many wind-polli-nated plants is the cause of suffering for millions of people. For many allergy sufferers, springtime and early fall arc when symptoms arc the worst. The pollination period for many trees is in the spring, while ragweed pollinates from mid-August through mid-October.

Weather has significant effects on pollen release. Most pollen is released on warm, dry, sunny, and windy days. Cold temperature and high humidity delay pollen release, and rainfall washes the pollen out of die air. Thus, allergy symptoms may improve on cold or humid davs. 0

in this exercise, you will describe the relationships between daily ragweed pollen levels, weather, and your own (and your friends') allergy symptoms.

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