Exercise B The Botany of Baking

In this exercise, you will make small balls of bread from different types of tlour to see how tlour affects bread quality. Breads made of different types of flour have different properties, depending on the chemistry of the tlour. In particular, the elasticity of the dough and its ability to rise arc directly related to certain types of protein in the flour.

Yeast (Saccharomycesccrcvisiac) is a singlc-ccllcd fungus that reproduces by budding new cells. Yeast is added to dough to produce CO: bubbles. The yeast contains amylases that break down die starch to simple sugars. The yeast uses the sugars in respiration, releasing the stored energy and producing C02 as a by-product. Baking soda, which produces C02 bubbles chemically without yeast, is often used for fast rising muffins or cookies.

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